Contact Management
You’ll get a complete view of your customer contact details, activity history, past interactions and internal account discussions right on your fingertips. Even insights from multiple social-media platforms are available. And the best part is all these data is available throughout the framework of SFA anytime a reference is required.

Opportunity Management
Never miss a detail from the on-going deals- stage progress, quotes, team status and much more.

Sales Force Engage
All you need is few clicks to make personalized campaigns and monitor how the customers are engaging. All developments are instantaneously notified.

Sales Collaboration
Close more details from the resources social media interactions offer. You can find experts, gain competitive information and track the deals on the move.

Sales Performance Management
You can never fall short on giving your team enough attention when it comes to closing the deals. Get real-time data on your team, set metric-based goals, give coaching notes, provide feedback and drive performance by rewarding their efforts.

Lead Management
Get the most effective ways to invest your money, track real-time leads and the deals, and optimize your on-going campaigns to stay on top of your game.

Partner Management
Work with your partner networks at a whole new level. You can actively monitor involvements, share objectives, and activities to ensure maximum output.

Workflow and Approvals
With simple drag-and-drop GUI, designing and automating your business processes have never been easier.
Micromanage your business processes such as expenses, deal discounts, promotional offers, and much more through the flexible approval system.

Inside Sales Console
Deliver your inside sales team with the perfect booster they need. Your sales team can now access sales intelligence, detailed company info and multiple leads from a single screen, building a smarter and faster workforce.

Email Integration
Integrate all your existing email applications and use them more efficiently without changing anything from your side at all.

Files Sync and Share
It’s never been easier to share files with your team & engaging in discussions, publishing and as well as real-time tracking of the content. You can effortlessly search the files you need, manage the access permissions and even setup to receive notifications whenever a change takes place.

Reports and Dashboards
Access your dashboards from anywhere and anytime to get real-time reports of your businesses via intuitive interface and graphics.