Sales Forecasting
Smart, easy and accurate forecasting of your sales based on numerous variables delivered real-time to your team’s dashboard with great features such as inline editing, visibility override and multi-currency support making sales forecasting as easy as a pie.

Territory Management
Territory management is a very tough business. SFA simplifies the process for you by allowing you to create multiple territory models, previews before rollout while giving you the freedom to balance and optimize the territories after implementation.
The SFA packs a great repertoire of tweaked features that are designed to meet all your business needs and ensure you stay on top of your game.

Huge cut down in Work Hours
SFA can save your sales team more than a few hundred hours each year. SFA can take care of providing customer contacts, logging past interactions, scheduling emails & appointments, tracking responses and lot more.
If these tasks were to be manually done, would take a handful of hours each week and consistent sync would be impossible. But with the cloud technology, each team member is updated even on the go.

Sales Forecast and Trend Detection
The intelligent sales forecast is one the most important feature of SFA. It analyzes past sales records, checks with the present sales database and along with a bunch of pipelining opportunities, providing your sales team an insight into the upcoming opportunities.
It also allows you to gain better leads from your existing customers by analyzing their past sales pattern and generating customized campaigns.

Cloud Platform and its Perks
SFA being cloud platform software allows seamless data flow between all the branches of your business, anywhere and anytime. Your sales team doesn’t have to communicate manually with your inventory management team to know the status for closing a deal with the potential customer. Everybody knows everything they need, delivered to their respective terminals or devices live 24×7.

The Bottom-Line
Sales Force Automation System is absolutely a necessity for any business whose backbone is sales and customer relationship management.
SFA software can cut down thousands of wasted work hours while improving productivity multiple folds. If you need your business to stay in the game against heavy competition, SFA is the answer.